Simple and fun baby size visualizer for expecting parents

Track the size of your baby with daily SMS updates πŸ’­

Visualizing the size of the baby during pregnancy is difficult when all you can see is a growing belly.

How Big is the Baby is an SMS bot that helps expecting parents (or friends/families) visualize the size of the baby during the pregnancy.

No apps to download. Just a text message. Every morning.

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10-day free trial No cc required. Upgrade for just $29 (one-time payment).

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Visualize the size of the baby with a personalized text message
from pregnancy weeks 13-40

Every Morning

Every morning wake up to a personalized text message that makes you smile.

Baby Size

The size of the baby compared to an everyday object that you can relate to, not just fruits and vegetables.

Picture Visualization

Picture is worth a thousand words. Every message includes an image of an everyday object so you can easily visualize the size of the baby.

Gestational Age

Your week and day of pregnancy, so you will always know how far you are into the pregnancy.

Fun and cute

An opportunity everyday to share these messages with your loved ones, including your partner.

πŸ‘‹πŸΌ Hello! My name is Amit, a soon-to-be Dad πŸ€žπŸ½πŸ™‚

We are expecting our first baby soon (Feb 2022), and like most first-time parents, we signed up for a bunch of pregnancy tracking apps that tell you how big your baby is each week - "Your baby is as big as a bunch of kale".

That's a pretty boring and uninspiring visualization, I think. Yet, that's what most of these apps do.

But, I wanted something different and better, like...

#1. Daily Updates

πŸ™All the pregnancy apps I found were providing only weekly updates.

βœ… I was so excited about the baby that I wanted daily updates (the baby doesn't grow that much on a daily basis, but I could still make it interesting and fun by referencing different objects of similar sizes)

#2. Fun, lively, and interesting updates

πŸ™ The pictures they included were drawings, or illustrations (mostly comparing babies to fruits and vegetables).

βœ… I wanted the updates to be a bit more fun and lively with real life pictures of everyday objects that I could relate to.

#3. Receive updates as Text Messages

πŸ™ Most importantly, they were all apps I had to download. More notifications. More spam. More clutter.

βœ… Instead of another app notification, I wanted my wife and I to get a simple text message every morning.

I couldn't find a service that would do this. So, I built it.

My wife and I have been using How big is the baby SMS bot last couple months, and we love it. It's cute and fun. It's become a part of our morning routine - waking up, and then one of us asking - how big is the baby today? We just glance at the message, and smile.
It's a great way to start our day!

Now available to other expecting parents

Over the last few weeks, I have been gradually adding beta users, and have ironed out the onboarding.

And now, How Big is the Baby is ready for other expecting parents (or their friends/families) to use.

So, if you're pregnant, or know a friend who is, you can sign up and give it a whirl.

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  • Fully functional 10-day trial
  • One Phone Number receives the daily text message
Try it Free

10-day free trial No cc required. Upgrade for just $29 (one-time payment).


Does this cost anything?

Yes, there's a one-time payment of $29. This includes a daily personalized text message during the enitrety of pregnancy, starting week 13-40.

Is there a free trial?

Yes. You can sign up for the "Try it free" plan (no credit card needed), and try it out free for 10 days.

Why SMS? Why not an app?

  1. Apps get lost in the noise: An average smartphone user has 41 apps installed. No one wants another app.
  2. SMS text messages cut through the noise. It's more intimate and personal. Most people (at least in North America) check their texts frequently.
  3. Easy sign up for partner/family members using their phone numbers. No need for them to download apps.

What's the refund policy?

If you're not happy with the service, or it's not what you were expecting, just email me at [email protected] within 30 days, and I will provide a full refund. No questions asked.

What countries are supported?

Most of the countries in the world are supported. For US and Canada Phone numbers, the images are embedded into the text message itself. For other countries, the images are sent as an embedded URL.

Can I stop the messages at any time?

Yes, you can stop the messages at anytime by simply texting "STOP". You can also resume the texts with "START"

What stage of pregnancy can I signup at?

You can signup at anytime during the pregnancy, but the texts will begin in Week 13 (second trimester). You will receive a personalized text update every day until the due date you provided at the time of signup (Weeks 13-40). You can of course stop the messages earlier by simply texting "STOP".